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2011-11-09 at 09:03AM UTC #3615

I noticed a lot of people expect a lot for free and we don’t really show c4eva our thanks.

So please leave all your thanks to c4eva on this thread.

Because if we don’t start showing more appreciation for all the hard work then they might as well not bother.

So thanks for all the hard work and money you save us c4eva.

2011-11-09 at 09:44AM UTC #3616

He truly does deserve much more appreciation than people tend to give. ThankYou4eva!

2011-11-09 at 09:48AM UTC #3617

Thanks dude, you are amazing.

2011-11-09 at 11:51AM UTC #3619

Buenas, y muchissimas gracias c4eva por el esfuerzo que estas haciendo y el dinero que nos haces ahorrar, eres el mejor no cambies! :)

2011-11-09 at 04:44PM UTC #3631

And from Germany: Danke für deine Harte Arbeit :) (Thank you for your hard work :) )

2011-11-09 at 05:48PM UTC #3637

i agree for all he has done he needs a for the people award or something he is just worth that for everything he has done it was all for us he could of gave up and said fuxk it but he didnt and found ways around every obstacle M$ threw at us… thx c4eva for everything and your hard work

2011-11-09 at 06:21PM UTC #3640

Thanks from Poland!!!:
Bardzo dziękujemy za Twoją ciężką pracę i poświęcenie swojego cennego czasu dla Nas! :smile:
(Thank you very much for your hard work and sacrificing your precious time for us!) :smile:

2011-11-09 at 07:45PM UTC #3650

I agree with all of it C4eva u sir are the man thank you for all your work even with all the stupid ungreatful people that hound you all the time about when is this (cry sniff) when is that (sob) those people can either quit crying or do it themselves.

thank you again C4eva

2011-11-09 at 10:28PM UTC #3663

Agreed. I have no doubts he works his ass off. If you’re reading this c4eva, as they say in MW. Your work is appreciated! :D

2011-11-10 at 03:52AM UTC #3667

thanks c4 you are awsome

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