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2011-10-26 at 02:01PM UTC #2991

non penso che questo week – end esca il fw perché c4va l’ avrebbe già annunciato……

2011-10-26 at 03:32PM UTC #2994

Can i replace the DVD drive in my system with another (Samsung or Benq) so i can run LT2.0+ .
I currently have a hitachi 79. I have the dvd key.
I don’t go on live, just want to play games. On dash 13599.


2011-10-26 at 04:01PM UTC #2995

yes you can do this.

2011-10-26 at 04:22PM UTC #3001
Good find m8, I’ll have to weigh my options but $28 is certainly better than $49. Just wonder if there is a major difference between “Used” and “Refurbished”

I think he refers to them as refurbished because they get them in bulk and clean and replace lasers as needed and such things. What got me as a customer of there’s is the 6 month warranty they offer. I have not seen that anywhere else with used or refurbished drives.

2011-10-26 at 05:55PM UTC #3004

Jepp, would be nice :-) Have a hitachi drive too..
But I’m fine, playing old games which I dont have bothered to play before.
Try hunter the demons forge and dantes inferno, loved em both.
Already bought a IHAS124B and burnes all the XGD3 games with BurnerMax and QuickMythril 2.4 thing on Aones :-)

Be safe…

2011-10-26 at 06:11PM UTC #3005

Merci C4eva for everything, but Hitachi owners are in “nervous brekdown” mode.
Can you help ???
Thanks :???:

2011-10-26 at 06:17PM UTC #3006

I’m doing the same thing, now playing Alone in The Dark and… I have to confess… never played GOW, I’m now triying to fall in love with GOW 1.
I’ll give a try to your recomendations.

2011-10-26 at 07:43PM UTC #3008

im in the same boat as everyone else both my 360 have hitachi drive in them and im out of work at the moment or i would buy a different drive to play the new games on im hoping he gets them done by MW3 release date

2011-10-26 at 07:57PM UTC #3009

From what I see, the used DVD drives are 90day warranties, so 3mo. It’s still considerably better than the 30days from the first site I was considering. Just gotta make double sure not to brick the drive during flashing cause I’m sure that’s a sure way to void the warranty lol

So based on your advice/suggestion, I’ll be purchasing a BenQ from that site on Friday when I get my next paycheck. Thanks again m8! =)

2011-10-26 at 09:24PM UTC #3014

Hmmm.. I never really noticed that. The online store does say 90 days The eBay store is 180 days. You can view it with this item # if you want 280720397081

Viewing 10 posts - 161 through 170 (of 482 total)

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