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2011-11-09 at 07:41PM UTC #3649

perfetto :-D

2011-11-10 at 12:44PM UTC #3673

Hi all, I have an Hitachi 79 (lt+1.1) and the BETA Kinect dashboard, have I to update the dashboard to the “13599″? (to do it, I should just download the dashboard from the microsoft website, and install it on the xbox 360, right?).
The flashing process will be the same as the other firmware, so I can use this guide to flash it,as I did with old firmware, http://www.nextrl.it/forum/topic/36271-guida-flash-dei-lettori-hitachi-gdr-3120l-con-ixtreme-151/ ?

Thank you all for the answers and thank you c4eva for the hard work!

Dato che da quanto ho capito ci sono anche italiani qui, lo scrivo anche in italiano:
Ho un Hitachi 79 con l’LT+ 1.1 e la dashboard BETA Kinect, prima di flashare il letto devo aggiornare la versione della dashboard, giusto? Perché ho letto che la nuova dashboard riscrive il f/w del lettore e quindi perderei il flash.
Inoltre, il procedimento del flash del lettore sarà sempre lo stesso? Posso usare questa guida per aggiornare all’LT+2.0? (http://www.nextrl.it/forum/topic/36271-guida-flash-dei-lettori-hitachi-gdr-3120l-con-ixtreme-151/) l’ho sempre usata per i vecchi f/w.
Grazie in anticipo per le risposte.

2011-11-10 at 04:42PM UTC #3678

Might as well update to 13604 while you’re at it otherwise newer games are still going to prompt you that an updates available. No one has found anything harmful with it as far as I know.

2011-11-10 at 07:42PM UTC #3681

Wish it would get released already, want to play AC:R now it’s been leaked.

2011-11-11 at 06:18AM UTC #3702

The f/w will be probably released shortly and I’ve another noob question :-P
Can I update the dashboard AFTER the flash (lt+1.1->lt+2.0) or should I update it BEFORE the flash? I read that the new dashboard rewrite the firmware. (BETA Kinect -> 13604 via USB). The drive is NOT spoofed.
Thank you all for the help!

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2011-11-11 at 09:14AM UTC #3705

@ sith

As far as I know we are best advised to flash our box back to stock firmware BEFORE the update, then update e.g. via usb (I guess it’s the safest way), and when we are done updating we can flash to LT 2.0. This is at least what I’ve read so far, more than once actually :)

Hope this answers your question :smile:

P.S.: thanks go out to c4eva, keep up the good work !

2011-11-11 at 11:41AM UTC #3708

Damn I feel so good because I have 2xhitachi boxes without AP25 . Cant imagine the pain if I need to be worry with AP25 checks. There is announce on status page http://c4evaspeaks.com/

“Dae.bin Has Changed in Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash (2.0.14686.0) …. Booting backups with older AP25 replay sectors on 14686 may get you flagged ”

2011-11-11 at 11:54AM UTC #3709

So, to update firmware to 2.0, we to need to flash to the stock xbox firmware, then connect xbox with stock firmware to the monitor, update dashboard to the latest version, and after that flash xbox to the 2.0 firmware? Is that correct?

P.s.: thx c4eva for his work!

2011-11-11 at 12:48PM UTC #3710

@ ewolwer

Yes if you need dash update its recommended to flash original FW in your drive. After update you can put custom fw back in.

..Actually Im so lazy Ive never flashed back to stock but still XBL running fine :)

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2011-11-11 at 01:33PM UTC #3715

I hope not repeated Testing long will it last? Or what?

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