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2012-01-19 at 10:54PM UTC #5799

I have recently upgraded my Sammy MS28 phat to MS dashboard 14699 and LT2.01. Because of the Sammy’s not being capable of reading the topology data, can I run a XGD3 game that fails only the AP2.5 portion of the ABGX ? Obviously I would not run this disc on a AP2.5 compatible drive (lite-on/benq/etc) but given the Sammy’s limitation, are there any risks to this outside of the understood baseline risk of modding at all?

Secondly, I have a banned system on dash 13604 with a BenQ VAD6038 running LT+2.0. On this system two games I have burnt will not play. They are as follows:
-MW3 XGD3 passed all ABGX tests except the AP2.5 test.
-Halo Anniv which passed all tests in ABGX.
It may be worth noting that MW3 was injected with the topology file that was previously release in Dec ’11 and Halo was injected with topology data that ABGX automatically placed. Both of these games were burnt yesterday and neither of them play on my BenQ LT+2.0. Does this drive need to be on LT+3.0 in order to play these games?

Thank you for the help!

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