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2011-09-30 at 07:25PM UTC #1387

Since there are now OFFICIAL backups of GOW3 and Rise of Nightmares accompanied by a lengthy NFO file..we now have some troubling news.

From the GOW 3 NFO file : “Since there is still not enough space on a regular DVD+R DL disc to
hold the entire XGD3 game partition, not to mention the Layer 1
Video partition, this is not at all recommended as being “safe” for
Xbox LIVE.”

1. These backups cannot be used on live.

2.These backups will likely get us banned.

I know, I know…”have two consoles…etc.”

Most people have 1 console. Most people play on Live with backups (whether they admit it or not). This is very troubling news to me. Its really disappointing. I still give all the credit in the world to c4eva though, he had done everything that can be done.

Most likely scenario: LT 2.0 is released. People rejoice and start booting this xgd3 backups. Since it is impossible to make an exact copy on a DL disc, MS easily detects the backup. BANHAMMER.

2011-09-30 at 07:44PM UTC #1391

I think it just comes down to there being more variables now as far as what can be detected and get you banned. So there’s a higher risk.It also seems like the firmware is starting to handle more like how the older ixtreme firmwares did which caused problems with live banning. But everything has to start somewhere I’m sure further down the line there will be better optimization. I’ll probably wait out flashing to LT2.0 just to see how it pans out since I have no problem buying games that I’ll be playing a lot.

2011-09-30 at 08:03PM UTC #1392

C4Eva did say that currently it is safe for live and it passes all the checks. Let’s hope that Microsoft doesn’t implement those checks until the Spring dashboard update. Maybe be that time some media company will release larger blank discs.

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