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2011-11-27 at 08:18PM UTC #4382

i can’t say that i have one solution for everyone, but from what i have been reading, people are coming up with different ideas. i started this thread in the hopes that everyone can post together in one place and figure it out.

first, some things to check. try some xgd2 games to make sure it is not your laser (most people probably have already done this.), but even if other games work, you might need to tweak the laser power a little as different types of discs always read differently. also, make sure your dashboard is 13146 or later. i don’t think older dashboards support xgd3. last thing i can think of is make sure your discs work in another drive if possible. until we get a new abgx360, that is the only way to really check your games. i also read some people saying that they got a single red light or different E## error codes. some said that if you start the xbox without a game in the drive, then boot an original or a burned xgd2 game and return to the dashboard, it might work after that. also make sure you have the newest jungleflasher, as it is the only one that will work to flash 2.0 to your hitachi drive. some people may have overlooked the fact that older versions will pick 1.9 and ended up with the wrong firmware on their drive.

as i posted in the comments, everyone was complaining about the testing. now there seem to be some bugs, so maybe a 2.0.1 update will come out. until c4e makes a statement, we won’t know. but i am sure with as many people are having problems, he will hear about it and look into it.


2011-11-27 at 08:43PM UTC #4388

Just to confirm, for me at least.

xgd2 (Medal of Honor) works no problem.
Latest dash.
Original xgd3 (MW3) boots and plays.
xdg3 (BF3/AC) work on my liteon but give 1 red light on hitachi 79. Dont get the option to play/install, it says reading disk then I seem to lose video, my tv says no input.
Loading MW3 retail > dashboard > backup doesnt work for me (1 red light)
Latest JF

Ihas 124 with burnermax, verbatims @ 2.4 speed, verified 100%, all work in the liteon.

Just going to wait and see if theres an update from c4e before i try anything else.

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2011-11-27 at 08:52PM UTC #4390

I’ve got hitachi 46 and all originals and xgd2 backups run no problem.
Used new JF but anytime I try to run an xgd3 backup, I get the disc unrecognized error and cant install to HDD. I’ve been using the truncate method so this could be the problem. However, people who are using the ihas method are still unable to run backups. I’ve got one on the way so I’ll follow up after I try that.

2011-11-27 at 10:31PM UTC #4398

I am currently playing all of my XGD3 backups perfectly fine with no errors at all with LT+ 2.0 for Hitachi. I don’t think c4eva would spend as much times as he did testing 2.0 for the Hitachi just to release it so people would have problems. I’m sure the problems are on your end. If you burn XGD3 using ANY other method/hardware other than Lite-On iHAS*124 flashed with iXtreme Burner MAX v1.0 and Imgburn you are asking for problems with unreadable disks or even being flagged for ban on Xbox Live. c4eva didn’t come out with the new Burner MAX firmware just for the hell of it! It’s the only way to guarantee an accurate, error free burn of XGD3 disks. I am currently using Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model FLASHED w iXtreme Burner MAX that I bought off someone on eBay. It was already flashed with Burner MAX v1.0 so I was able to start burning immediately when it arrived. Instead of wasting disks, or setting yourself up to get banned from Xbox Live, burn them the way that c4eva has stated as the ONLY compatible way.

2011-11-27 at 11:02PM UTC #4400

Thanks Astromine for the clarification. The problem (at least for me) was using the truncate method. I never go on live so I didn’t figure I would need an iHAS drive with burner max. One of my friends has a 124b and also has a hitachi 46. All xgd3 backups work fine for him.

2011-11-27 at 11:24PM UTC #4404

The problem with the 79 at least is not ihas. I’ve had an ihas for weeks and have tried several different xg3 roms with several different forms of media. This particular issue is only affecting certain hitachi drive models and the amount if complaints with the same symptoms is way too much to be a coincidence. Pretty sure this will boil down to a 2.01 rev. mistakes happen maybe the code got damaged after testing was complete maybe the tester for those models didn’t do his job idk. Either way this is an issue.

2011-11-27 at 11:30PM UTC #4405

Also why would you pay for a pre flashed burner max model? That model sells for $18 new in retail packaging on amazon. I got a 424 for $21 cause the base was oos. If you can install an optical drive into your pc you can flash this drive. Literally the easiest thing ever to flash. All you do is push a button in a program. Also astromine what version hitachi do you have?

2011-11-28 at 12:17AM UTC #4409

If you have the original, (which you should since this is for backups of games you own) you can install the XDG3 game to your HDD and use the back up to boot the games.

2011-11-28 at 01:58AM UTC #4418

@Astromine, I don’t think you know what you are talking about. All my backups are burned using a lite-on iHas 424B with iXtreme Burner Max, using verbatim disks at 2.4x using imgburn and verified. I also have another xbox 360 that’s banned with a benq drive running LT 2.0 and it runs MW3 just fine ; therefore I’m pretty sure i’m not burning them the wrong way. However when I try to boot the game on my other xbox with the hitachi v79 drive on LT 2.0 I get the single red light just like everybody else. So I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in the FW. At this point I believe the problem it’s related to the new dae.bin update pushed by microsoft a few days ago; but that’s only an assumption.

2011-11-28 at 04:23AM UTC #4426

Astromine copy pasted his post into several threads. He has an almost identical earlier post in “Hitachi LT Plus 2.0 with truncated XGD3 games” (slightly more added here). He is trolling. If he isn’t having any issues why is he on here telling us what we already know? A we supposed to be like “o rlly? 100% burns are better? this is toally news to us”.

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