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2011-10-27 at 06:51PM UTC #3119

XGD3 Quality Test Guidelines

Kprobe Liteon Burn Quality Testing Tool

there is a program called KProbe2 that is much more accurate than just verifying with imgburn. i will be posting some of my results here because that other thread is way too crowded for me (like 48 pages or something.) in case people can’t read (or just won’t) here are some basics:

Use the default ECC PI sum 8 and PO(PIF) sum of 1. (that means don’t change those settings)
The testing scan speed should be at 4X CLV.(i don’t understand why this is. i tried scanning at 8x and got worse results, but what speed do xbox drives read at?)
PI MAX should be 100 or less & PI Average should be 5 or less
PIF MAX should be 4 or less & PIF Average should be 0.20 or less
Nero Score should be no less than 90 (that is if you are using nero to scan, not sure why they included it on the KProbe instuctions.)

i ran the program several times on the same disc and got somewhat varying results. i will continue scanning some more and eventually post my results with the RICOHJPN-D01-67 discs burned at 2.4x OPC on.

2011-10-27 at 07:01PM UTC #3125

another excerpt from the above linked forums :

“I have iHAS124B in a SATA to USB 2.0 external enclosure. This passes KProbe scan verification. However, it will fail IMGBurn verification and throw I/O errors. Nothing is wrong with the disc though. Chalk the error up to a shitty external enclosure controller. Tested using MKM003 and MKM001. I have an internal iHAS424B which the same disc taken from the iHAS124B will pass verification in IMGBurn with. So once again, don’t take everything you see from IMGBurn verification to be fact. Test your media with KProbe.”

so everyone who has been posting the imgburn verification errors, maybe your discs are just fine, but your drive is the problem. (and thank you to rocker935 for introducing KProbe to this forum. they also mentioned on the TX post, as probleemo suggested, to try “playing with” eeprom settings: Smartburn, Forced Hyper tuning, Over speed writing, Online hyper tuning)

2011-10-27 at 07:14PM UTC #3131

QuickMythril: I have also been following those two links over the past two days. I’d be very interested as to what your PI/PIF Max/Averages look like, as well as the settings that you are using within IMGBurn.

I haven’t posted on the other forum my test results from my KProbe scan of Batman: Arkham City but I can post them here later when I get home. (I was getting a PI Max of around 150 or 160 and a PIF Max of 3… I still have to mess around with the settings)

Good idea starting a thread about this here! :D

2011-11-01 at 07:28PM UTC #3300

After a little advice if anyone can offer it. Had a look on the forum but couldnt seem to find anything that would answer this.

Burnt a back up of space marine using burner max firmware and it verified ok in imgburn.
Then I ran it through Kprobe.

When the actual scan was complete I had the following:
PI MAX = 14, Average = 1.95, Total = 7332
PIF MAX = 2, Average = 0.23, Total = 858
Errors: 1

Have done 3 copies and Im getting the same result yet never any errors when burning?

even though the PI and PIF numbers are within the recommended margin, should i avoid using this burnt game because of the 1 error, even though it never showed up when burning or verifying?

could it be a problem with the iso?
Im using verbatims and all other XGD3 backups show no errors

Ta for any help anyone can offer

2011-11-02 at 07:48AM UTC #3306

just noticed that ubergeeks 2nd post here:

shows one error yet he is classing it as a perfect and clean burn

2011-11-04 at 12:48PM UTC #3414


2011-11-04 at 01:20PM UTC #3417

if m$ cant or just r not yet checking the pi with all the info foating about im sure it wont be long. people its best to keep little said about things such as this and limit it to a few sites less likely to be trolled by ms. we give them there ideas lots of times. just my thoughts quick u help alot bro and its always good info. props to u bro. but cant help sum and if they cant get it they shouldnt be doing it. 2 many noobs now that has no business flashing there consoles now and dont respect the scene . started out going to help as well but they dont deserve it so let the banhammer fall where it does and those that get hit its on them. i pick and choose the ones i help from here on out . and most likely wont say current @ this site there is no order here . and it was prob made for no other reason but to keep the noobs of irc lol but. agian props to u quickmythril

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2011-11-04 at 01:45PM UTC #3420

Spiky: try verbatim discs… MKM-003. your KProbe scan proves that those two backups are bad.

2011-11-04 at 01:46PM UTC #3421

Spiky: also, when you scan with KProbe, set the scan speed to 4x, instead of MAX

2011-11-04 at 08:59PM UTC #3437

Can you give some advise guys.
I burned gow3-rrod with a flashed IHAS 124-b burner, media verbatim mkm-003 ( made in India ). Imgburn opc on, 4x speed, Imgburn verify good.
Kprobe2 scan
Errors : 0
PI Max : 244
PI Average : 4,40
PI Total : 137975
PIF Max : 41
PIF Average : 0,38
PIF Total : 11892
What can be the problem ?
Is it also possible to burn the MKM-003 on 2.4 speed ?
Thanks guys !!

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