X360USB PRO Contest

A big congratulations to our two c4evaSpeaks X360USB PRO Contest winners: deadliner and Stupidism. Your prizes are already on the way via registered air mail!

Winners were chosen at random from the pool of 36 entrants who provided the correct answer. Incorrect answers were not included in the pool so as to not affect the winning chances of those who had the correct answer.

Congratulations as well to the following participants who also found the correct answer:

baberg, vervurax, falcon360, coco, Clunge, Witschi, Champion, poiuyt, wyospartan117, wesser, Mixou, tankman986, blondy, loafobread, denkamps, Campoozmstnz, slip, realbux, El Presidente, Allyrion, oxidium, jackinthex, DragonKing81, marenka, titedents, shakgriig, hewfer, aus, Zoho, Alex, Daveiac, DARKFiB3R, GODZYLLA, and jayb1239

Honourable mentions go out to the following entrants who determined the correct individual, but just not quite the exact quote we were looking for:

TheLegendOfMart, Random78, Tazzy, storm234, SmashNFlash, dallastroy, navipar, rch, and Noupoi

Thanks again to all those who participated in the contest and made it a success. We'll launch another contest soon, and make it a little easier for some of our international visitors this time around.

NOTE: Private comments will now be disabled on this post, which will reveal all entrant's answers and comments.


In celebration of the release of c4eva's LT+ v1.91, we're launching the c4evaSpeaks X360USB PRO Contest!


The clues provided below, when followed in order, will reveal an anagram. In its scrambled state, according to this phrase, it can be said that lack of an Xbox 360 "___ _____ ____ ___".

Unscrambling the letters in the anagram will also provide you with the name of a rather well-known individual of historical significance. Yes, you can cheat a little by using an anagram solver, but for the die-hards, we're confident your sheer mind-power can handle it!

By searching for information on this individual, you will come across several writings and orations. The final answer you're seeking is a famous quote (and/or misquote as it were) by this individual which lends itself particularly well to the efforts of c4eva, the JungleFlasher and Xecuter teams, and all the other individuals involved in making this all possible.

Be forewarned, however — we're not going to make this easy, so prepare to spend some time solving it! Pay close attention to detail in both the instructions and the clues. Not only will it test your digging skills, but also your knowledge of the Xbox 360, and some basic math just for the hell of it!


The contest is only open to registered users with a valid email address associated to their account (so we can contact you for your address details if you're chosen as a winner). Entries by anonymous/unregistered users will be excluded from the draw.

Multiple entries by the same registered user and/or IP address will be automatically ignored, and the user will be disqualified. Users otherwise found to be cheating, bending the rules, or posting the answer publicly, will also be disqualified.

The contest will run for approximately 2 weeks entry deadline has been extended until Saturday, September 10, 2011 in order to give all registered users a fair chance to participate.


For your entry to be eligible, please ensure that you are logged into your registered account.

Simply add a comment with your answer (the quote) to this contest post, and you'll be automatically included in the draw.

Your comment with your answer on this post is treated specially, and is only visible to yourself and to the Admins of c4eva Speaks. Other users will not be able to see your answer.


Those of you who are keen enough to decypher the clues and find the answer will be eligible to win one of two X360USB PRO's that have been generously provided by Team Xecuter.

Upon close of the contest, 2 Winners will be programmatically chosen at random from the pool of eligible entries.

Winners will be contacted for verification and will be required to supply their mailing information at that time. Prizes will be shipped free-of-charge by registered air mail to anywhere in the world.

Once again, thank you to c4eva, the teams & individuals involved, and good luck to all entrants!


For each clue, you must find the post, and subsequently the line, for which c4eva is quoted. Once you've found the line, follow the secondary clues in order to end up with a numerical value. Use the number to count forward from where his words begin, and at the nth position, will be the associated secret letter.

In all the instructions below, use only the numerical values, and disregard all units and suffixes ("MB", "GHz", "p", etc.).

Do not count the date & timestamps, channel names, nor c4eva's nickname or variations thereof (<c4eva>, <c4eva_>, etc.) when using the numerical positions to find the secret letters. Only begin counting from the start of his actual words. Do not include spaces when counting, but do include letters and punctuation.

For example, if the sought-out line was:

[2011-08-01 11:08AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hitachi LT 1.91 is done, testing all good

and through the trivia and calculation, you determined the number to be 23, you would then count forward 23 character positions (including punctuation, but not including spaces) from the start of his words:

hitachi LT 1.91 is done, testing all good

In this example then, the secret letter is "S"

Now onward with the clues — Good luck!

  1. Find the post and line where c4eva mentions that there were initially "5 ap25 checks"
    Take 78
    Subtract the capacity of the removable Memory Unit first available at retail 
  2. Seek out the post and line where c4eva, in regard to MS, states "they know we control the fw"
    Take 32
    Add the number of USB 2.0 ports on the Xbox 360 S 
  3. Find the post and line in which c4eva teases about his immediate progress on the "new liteon 1071"
    Take the nanometer size of the Falcon motherboard's CPU
    Divide by 13 
  4. Locate the post and line where c4eva remarks that "0225 will require testing"
    Take 16800
    Divide by the current non-discounted cost in MS Points to change your Xbox LIVE GamerTag 
  5. Determine the post and line in which c4eva offers up some insight as to when the "cut off for 9504" drives is
    Take 13
    Add the number of quadrants of the Circle of Light which are lit up/flashing when the 360 is signifying that it is overheating 
  6. Identify the post and line where c4eva says "after 0401" in response to a question asking when he'll begin looking at the 0500
    Take 128
    Divide by the minimum capacity of storage device (either hard drive, memory unit, or onboard storage) required by the NXE dashboard 
  7. Pinpoint the post and line in which c4eva emphatically states that the "0225 is special"
    Take the lowest component resolution of the Xbox 360
    Divide by 40 
  8. Establish the post and line within which c4eva notes that the "9504 is flashed to 0272" by the beta dash update
    Take the GHz speed of the 360's Tri-Core CPU
    Multiply by 5 
  9. Uncover the post and line wherein c4eva speaks of the "realtime checks of drive firmware"
    Take 550
    Divide by the day of the 360's initial North American retail launch 
  10. Track down the post and line where c4eva mentions that the 0225 fw is "coming along nicely"
    Take 68
    Divide by the maximum number of controllers (wired and/or wireless, excluding the "Big Button" pads) that can be simultaneously active on the 360 at any time 
  11. Locate the post and line in which c4eva suggests to another user to "patch with abgx" after ripping a previously-burned game
    Take 19
    Subtract the total number of Call of Duty games that are supported by the 360's original Xbox backward-compatibility feature 
  12. Determine the post and line where c4eva reinforces the fact that "it will be done when its done", with respect to the new fw
    Take 2030
    Subtract the year when the Xbox 360 S officially launched 
  13. Identify the post and line within which c4eva happily notes that there are "just a few things more to test!"
    Take 26
    Divide by the number of buttons on the media remote that was bundled as a promotion with the original shipment of launch 360s 
  14. Find the post and line where c4eva mentions that there will be "a new 0800 soon" which will handle dumping AP2.5 challenges
    Take the current maximum capacity of Xbox 360-formatted USB Memory Units
    Add 12 
  15. Lastly, locate the post and line wherein c4eva notes that he and the rest of the group are "working hard on many things"
    Take the video output frame rate of the Kinect sensor
    Subtract 7

Congratulations! You should now have a 15-letter anagram phrase. Unscramble the letters to determine the name of the historical individual, and use that to find the special quote.

As a reminder, once you've found the quote (or common misquote — both are acceptable), be sure to add a comment, containing the quote, to this contest post. Your comment entry will only be visible to yourself and to the Admins. We hope you win! :D

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65 Responses to X360USB PRO Contest (Including 2 Discussion Threads)

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  2. avatar david says:

    Hello c4 and all,firstly my english is very poor,iam from israel and its hard to me for understand all,i found these letters : "CANQ_FIHMNT_J_Y" _ = no found,i spent 1-1h30 hours,iam unable to scramble the letters since my english is poor,thanks.

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  3. avatar jayb1239 says:

    I think that the answer is John Quincy Adams and the quote is "Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air." :wink:

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  4. avatar jahaziel says:

    No, Sydney Shaw is a pseudonym you idiot. They never use their real name. Look, get around here and let me have a look, okay? – rocknrolla(2008) :) took me a while lol

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  5. avatar torch says:

    it can be said that lack of an Xbox 360 "CAN QUASH MIND JOY"

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  6. avatar Aiosforos says:

    hello guys i just solved the quote and it is: CAN QUASH MIND JOY

    here are the details


    New AP25 checks confirmed on new dash with fable 3, LT+ coming for required drives with SSv3 and anti AP25 included!




    host supplied checks was always the holy grail for them as they know we control the fw and cant see what the host is doing but no matter!




    oooo new liteon 1071, ohhh already got key :) , game over!




    9504 first, 0225 will require testing!




    lsd:mid sept is cut off for 9504 i think




    after 0401,yes




    logg:0225 is special!




    cris:9504 is flashed to 0272 with beta, already looking at it!




    Realtime checks of drive firmware and ram by dashboard




    0225 coming along nicely!




    rowdy:read game into iso,patch with abgx,re-burn




    it will be done when its done




    just a few things more to test!




    peeves:a new 0800 soon,will allow ap25 dumping of all 50 challenges with a user supplied dae.bin!




    team is working hard on many things!



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  7. avatar polil91 says:

    this is the answer: can quash mind joy

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  8. avatar Noupoi says:

    Damn, there are many quotes for this guy.

    But my final answer is this:
    "In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or ill will to any human being, and even compassionating those who hold in bondage their fellow men, not knowing what they do."

    Describes the work of c4eva and everyone else on the scene pretty well IMO, just hope it's the right one :D .

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  9. avatar GODZYLLA says:

    Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.

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  10. avatar DARKFiB3R says:

    In its scrambled state, according to this phrase, it can be said that lack of an Xbox 360 “can quash mind joy”.

    John Quincy Adams

    “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

    “Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.”

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