Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14717.0 Rolling Out

Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that MS has begun rolling out a SystemUpdate that brings the dash/kernel to version 2.0.14717.0. It appears that it's being deployed in the usual staggered fashion over different regions as some have gotten it and some have not yet been prompted. No official word yet from Microsoft as to what the update is for. As always, c4eva and the team advise you to be cautious and hold off on updating until they've had a chance to analyze it.

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  1. avatar kigofdaring_88 says:

    oppppzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..i need help…!!!!!
    i got new modded xbox 360, it is 2.0.13599.0..and… i update it to 2.0.14719.0 via usin usb …
    after update ..i CNNT play MW3,SAINT,NFS THE RUN..unsupported disc error ..!! why is this happening ??? can i go back to its old version ,,2.0.13599.0???

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  2. avatar syko670 says:

    You can't roll back your update! If you want to be able to play those games again, you will need to update your firmware to LT+3.0 and most likely reburn some of your games, patching them first with the latest ABGX360

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  3. avatar iiRickk says:

    I updated, all games work fine!
    I got a Lite-on
    All games are flashed with ABGX 1.0.6 (latest version)
    So i don't have to worry?

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