Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14717.0 Rolling Out

Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that MS has begun rolling out a SystemUpdate that brings the dash/kernel to version 2.0.14717.0. It appears that it's being deployed in the usual staggered fashion over different regions as some have gotten it and some have not yet been prompted. No official word yet from Microsoft as to what the update is for. As always, c4eva and the team advise you to be cautious and hold off on updating until they've had a chance to analyze it.

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  1. avatar pvinicosta says:

    If it helps, my Hitachi 0500 did not show any updates.

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  3. avatar Dave says:

    No one knows what will occur, update at your own risk.

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  4. avatar nima says:

    Hi My Xbox Is Fat. With New Dash With LT+ 3.0. I Have a problem with the new update? TNX

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  5. avatar YASSINE 360 says:

    thank you very much C4EVA

    we love you sooo much x)

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  6. avatar Roger says:

    Im playing here, this update will not f**k my game! addme IronClot

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  7. avatar Zotteke says:

    Omg, stop begging on this topic about hitachi xD I bet they're working there ass off to get all things right, and not only for the hitachi ;)

    Back on-topic:
    I thought i accepted a title update, but soon saw it was busy downloading the new dashboard update. Lucally it failed downloading so nothing happened =)
    Still can't find any information about the changes with this new dash update via google. This "downtime" is always a good time for me to play the singeplayers.

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  8. avatar R. Stark says:

    To anyone asking if they sould take the update: as usual, it´s NOT a good idea to update as soon as a new dashboard is released. It´s recommended to wait and see what kind of changes it brings. If you still want to update, do it at your own risk.

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  9. avatar william101 says:

    Hi guys, just have loocked on many forums about the new update a found some guys that have updated to the new 14717 DB. They write that everithing is ok. XGD3 games and games with AP 2.5 are working propertly without any problems.

    Think this helped.

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  10. avatar Luis Richard says:

    Eu acabei de atualizar meu console para essa nova dash e no momento nenhuma mudança todos os jogos estão rodando e tambem estou online numa boa

    I just upgraded my console for this new dash and when no changes all the games are running and also I'm a good online

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