Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14717.0 Rolling Out

Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that MS has begun rolling out a SystemUpdate that brings the dash/kernel to version 2.0.14717.0. It appears that it's being deployed in the usual staggered fashion over different regions as some have gotten it and some have not yet been prompted. No official word yet from Microsoft as to what the update is for. As always, c4eva and the team advise you to be cautious and hold off on updating until they've had a chance to analyze it.

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  2. avatar flealee says:

    thanks 4 the heads up as ever

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  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    some people have tried this and it might change your CB of your nand. Im not sure if this is correct but people have updated and there is no difference with there drives so this might only matter for people who are planning to perform RGH.

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  4. avatar swizard says:

    Hope next good news from c4eva in a short time is LT3.0 for 1175 released!

    Thanks for your hard work!!

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  5. avatar gt0taku says:

    I knew I should have gone here before I updated my xbox today. I did so and I was playing just ok but, now my discs won't play. :( I had waited so long for my LT 3.0. Oh well, time to wait again for the next fix.

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  7. avatar nb says:

    updated, nothing is affected. all burned games work. xgd3 & xgd2

    even ap 2.5 titles

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  8. avatar nima says:

    please answer my question
    My Xbox Is Fat. With New Dash With LT+ 3.0. I Have a problem with the new update?

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  9. avatar amit cohen says:

    i want to know . . there is a risk to play in live or just to do the update?

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  10. avatar youngblood says:

    hey, as you all know microsoft have released yet another update which possibly could be for detecting modders etc… i have installed the new update as i did not realise (stupid of me ) and i thought i'd share my experience. everything seems to be working fine so i personally suggest to install the update and get back online but there is no risk at the moment whatsoever but just be cautious. just to be on the safe time. wait for c4eva to give a response. hope you have a great day :)

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