Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar Ploide says:

    FFS This is getting stupid now, the consoles offline more than it is on …..

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  2. avatar Flying Dutchman says:

    Just came back home and wanted to game a little :( I just came across the update and decided to wait for C4eva's clearing again. sigh…
    I hope it doesn't bring any consequences for the modded boxes, like the other update did.

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  3. avatar Pain says:

    I updated anyway with the flashed drive still in, doesnt remove the flash if anyone is interested.

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  4. avatar Optimus_animus98 says:

    Ms will always f**k with us but they'll neverwin thats for sure, and yes "ploide" currently we are offline more than on

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  5. avatar grimmah says:

    i still updated everything is fine xgd3 games are booting up fine its just a bug fix for the xbox live party since last update

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  6. avatar YourSoulEater says:

    i think this is reset glitch hack fault, microsoft is trying to fix it, the last update fixed it for little time because they found out how to do the reset glitch hack again.
    now microsoft hasnt anything to do about the dashboard so i think they're just trying to fix the hack…this is so f**king stupid, having to wait to see if there's anything wrong with the update, waiting 1 or 2 days, and it's my work free days, wish i could relax and play something online but it seems impossible these last weeks, stupid microsoft -.-

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    • avatar RIJSA says:

      LoL this is stupid all of you haters, if hate so much microsux for just protecting his assets then don't buy anything from them. Or simply don;'t hack your console and there you go, you won;t have to wait 2 or 3 days until we r possitve to play safe using live.

      Hate those kind of bitches, I'm sure you won;t give anything for free as well…

      So please stop this s**t, f**kers. Crying babies.

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    • avatar mUn says:

      Enjoy your free games or stop being a thief. Just quit crying

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      • avatar YourSoulEater says:

        i dont think u understood what i meant above
        what i meant is that microsoft should stop trying 'cause they do these f**king little updates that are so f**king annoying for nothing when after an hour somebody already knows how to patch the update like it happened last time when they tried to stop the RGH, but they only stopped it for half a day or not even that much
        and i dont really care if i have to wait a day or two, the problem is these updates are always released on my free days that are only two per week, i have to work all the week more than 8 hours, i get home at midnight tired of a all day work and get some sleep, get up and eat something, prepare myself to go to work again
        i live in a country that is full of debts, i work a lot to get a s**t salary that is 500 euros, a game is 70 euros
        so yeah i am the thief here, a guy who works honestly and when wants some 3-4 hours of free fun on two days
        do you really thing im gonna pay 70 euros for a game? when more than half the price is for the government?
        f**k them, i work honestly and just wanna some fun for two days and you tell me to quit crying?
        what the hell are you doing here then?
        little punk who thinks that is better than the others, everybody who visits this website is looking to play free games. nobody here is a thief, we're just a sharing community. =)

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        • avatar mUn says:

          yes we are all thiefs. were stealing games lol. and yes, i am better than you. i dont complain about microsoft making a great console and providing us updates and fixes when im not even helping them pay the expenses for the greatness they bring us. play offline for a day or 2. oh and u should probably get back on your meds

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          • avatar YourSoulEater says:

            So you're with SOPA?
            we're all thiefs?
            c'mon bitch buying a game, movie or music and then want to share it with the rest of the world is feeding thiefs?
            so what should i call governments?
            i didnt say i hated microsoft because of the console their made, i never had a playstation, only xbox and nintendo consoles.
            second you can be not paying them but i am, i buy exclusives that i like, i pay 1 year xbox live, i buy DLC's, i buy arcade games
            so what the hell? how am i not paying s**t to them?
            im actually playing offline some old games, but i wanted to have some fun online, i dont even know if u red anything i wrote so i wont answer to u anymore
            oh and u should probably get back to your mom's vagina 'cause people like u that only come to the comments to joke around and troll with other people commentarys are faggots who dont understand a s**t, i bet that u didn't know about the laws that SOPA was and is still probably trying to get accepted.
            they say we are thieves and every good soul out there who loves internet says that we aren't thieves but a sharing community.
            so yeah have a f**king good life while you can 'cause im just reporting u to FBI 'cause u said that you were a thief =)

        • avatar kanndae2003 says:

          70 Euros. Quit your bitching
          That's $86 Australian. Im paying roughly $110 for games
          5 years ago, it was only $100
          Given the fact that our dollar has improved and almost everything else is cheaper, video games have increased in price, which is he complete opposite of what should be happening

          and i dont have a job, i do have 2 degrees which makes me over qualified for everything, but no one want to hire me because Im under-experienced. when i did have a job i was making the equivalent of 500 euros. You're paying less money for games…period

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          • avatar Fernando Torres says:

            Are you kidding me? It´s almost the situation we have in Brazil.
            I thought no other county could get such ridiculous prices that we have around here. Your´s is close but still didn't beat us.

      • avatar lashedcrayon says:

        amen sista! :D

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  7. avatar Skitz says:

    Wiki says this:

    2.0.14719.0 February 23, 2012 Public

    System Software Changes/Other

    Fixes the bug where when you join a friends party everyones name is the same. And a security update and minor bug fix.

    (other possible changes still pending)

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  8. avatar sergiu says:

    omfg not again, i f**king hate this, i swear ill sell my xbox and buy a ps3 with originals.. FFS I f**kING HATE MICROSOFT

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  9. avatar Kalliban says:

    It's funny that people are getting mad at Microsoft because they release bugfixes… xD

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  10. avatar Albert says:

    First is Messi, then comes c4eva.

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