Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar wtf says:

    i have the same problem too since i have used this new firmware and the update
    if you stop playing and dont move the controller after awhile the xbox says something like ERROR IN THE AUTHORIZATION OF DISC
    and then the xbox turns off and back on again

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    • avatar Dean says:

      Backups and Orig XGD3 / XGD2 are working fine from HDD and Disc after the update here. As for the other error you've outlined, i've had no problems there either. I left a game for over an hour while on the phone and the screen saver came on and controller turned off as normal (BenQ Phat).

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    • avatar Delboy says:

      Phat liteon. All backups are running and no issue with Xbox turning itself off either

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  2. avatar Andy says:

    if I update with 14719 and I'm on lt 3 the xgd3 will still work?

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  3. avatar test says:

    New LIteon DVD writer Manufactured date: January 2012
    firmware I read form the writer..Help me for the XGD3 iso,thank you c4evaspeaks….

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    • avatar admin says:

      Currently, only the "B" versions of the iHAS drives are supported. However, the team has been collecting dumps of the new "C" version for a while, and c4eva plans to take a look at doing a version of Burner MAX that supports it.

      [added note 2012-03-18 06:29PM UTC]

      I've already seen this incite rumour from people misinterpreting and jumping to conclusions, so let me clarify my previous comments on this subject by saying that despite c4eva's intention, this is by no means a guarantee that the C's can or will be done. The C version employs a new encrypted chipset, and as of right now, Burner MAX fw will not work with it.

      Lite-On has discontinued production of the B version, and many retailers/wholesalers will soon (if they haven't already) run out of stock and/or raise prices on what stock they still have.

      We strongly recommend that you make every effort possible to find a B version while they're still available.

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    • avatar anon says:

      haha, anyone dumb enough to wait for one deserves to wait for even longer. It was obvious Liteon was going to replace the drive with a newer version, given their relation with MS as primary drive supplier.

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  4. avatar xoman says:

    XGD3 installed on the HD does not run, gives an error: "ERROR IN THE AUTHORIZATION OF DISC."
    i uininstall the game from hd and plays fine from disc, even with an original, ???

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  5. avatar MR SKY says:

    If microsoft would have flagged and banned people, they would have done it by now…

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  6. avatar Peter says:

    Hope c4eva is doing well. This chat is indeed entertaining to see the least. C4eva will have a LOL @ at least some of the comments I'm sure when back.

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  7. avatar Falcon says:

    The last one took 4 days, this has been over 8 days. I am not liking what might be happening with this update. Hopefully C4Eva has just been too busy and hasn't found a major issue with this update.

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  8. avatar mally says:

    i updated the day it hit and all games bootin of hdd and off and as for just useing verbatim i use memorex / verbatim / aone and all go though kprobe just fine check ur settings

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  9. avatar Ilovetosmokenuggetsoutofmypercolatedbong says:

    people who are bitching about the update not being cleared are tools. C4eva has a life. Making CFW is not all he lives for. He is doing you a favor. Enjoy it and don't be a prick. You can help or shut up.

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  10. avatar chaingang78 says:

    admin do you know whats going on were about to head into a full week of no new info on this update

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