Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar 3xpl05iv3 says:

    I posted on the other rollout about this, me kids accidently updated their console, I usually revert to stock and reflash both my consoles, however was unfortunately unable to with their one, but it all seems to still works so far, ie XGD3 and 2 origionals and backups play fine, however I advise to revert to stock first and reflash as you never know ; )

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  2. avatar Anciente80 says:

    MS are clutching at straws now releasing what I presume to be a series of random dashboard updates and then when we lower our guard they'll stick in something problematic, unfortunately I updated as I received the dash update before any comments were posted anywhere (completely my own fault) I will wait from now on. MS are attempting to ware down the masses imp with these random updates, good luck with that MS lol, C4EVA RULES!!!

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  3. avatar Xander Blade says:

    Really tho ppl need to stop crying like lil punks and just wait, it's not the end of the world if you can't play online for a few hours. Be constructive with ur time read a damn book.

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  4. avatar DMA himself says:

    it will be ok in the end

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  5. avatar Mark says:

    I agree with Xander. Stop complaining people. I updated my slim 0225 and did NOT flash to stock. Everything works great. And so what if you do get banned. Sell the s**t and buy another used one. FFS people act like they would losing 1,000 or some s**t. 160 for a used 1 with a drive you can Mod. Sell the damn banned 1 if you have to for 100. OMG 60 dollars WTF you can make that in a few hours. Bunch of cry baby kids.

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  6. avatar Jon V says:

    hey c4eva my son updated my xbox this morning and all system ago here but i dont advise with out c4eva saying its ok but ill keep u guys updated MW3 and BF3 working fine online

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  7. avatar Salvo says:

    c4eva hi, when you finish all the work that you have before I would offer a much coffee, as usual from my area in Palermo! :) So tell me how to contact you to offer you a coffee! hi

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  8. avatar r0adDawg says:

    lol read a book! ;)
    how's about get a job, earn some £'s and buy the f**king originals if you want to 'play' so much on your days off!

    stop bitching' and moaning' – its getting tiresome!

    wicked job and respect to c4eva and the team J ;)

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  9. avatar Sargey says:

    Love the fact people quote wikipedia as a source of info…..

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  10. avatar Rezaei says:

    hey guys a question
    if i install lt+3 on my console but i have some original games can i play them online ?
    pls answere me quickly

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