Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar sephiroth says:

    I have a 14719 dashboard, 83850c v1@lt 3.0, mass effect 3 backup passed with abgx 1.0.6 and with topology data fixed burnt with truncate.

    If I don't install the game is OK.
    If I do install after a few minutes a message pops up saying "impossible to authorize disc".
    What can I do?

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  2. avatar khriptech says:

    Recently had a new drive installed as old gave up on my old Jasper elite. Having problems since the update on DVD reading even on my originals it comes up with "mixed media disc", "open tray" (as if there is no disc), and please clean disc error. When the game loads it's usually fine, and dosn't exit the game when I got the dirve It was updated to Lt3.0, just wondering if anyone else is experiance issus like this since the new update. Was working fine before the last update on my new drive.

    I am using Ihas drive with firmware, ABX360 checking DVD. As the error happens on my original DVD's, seems to of affected my console in a unique way :(


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  3. avatar xxpot says:

    And safe to use an offline profile on 2.0.14719.0 with fw 3.0 ….. still the console may be banned.

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  4. avatar blake says:

    did the update, and what happended…after playin some time my console froze for the first time (elite), and now my brother wrote me a message that he got ROD. it has to do with the update

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  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    Not a chance that the update caused a RROD.

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  6. avatar DimoniK says:

    Well i have liton phat be4 update u could hear fans now ive updated its very quite but no RROD yet but the updat must have done somthing to fans speed Strange

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  7. avatar blake says:

    so many people got problems now after the update. that cant be a coincidence

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  8. avatar spaz2203 says:

    the fan speeds did indeed change after the newest update, heres a before and after nand dump

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      interesting, though technically they didn't change the -speed- just the temperature threshholds. which would mean that the xbox is allowed to get hotter before the fans speed up. still bad news for xenons. i only checked the voltage when first starting up. it wasn't until after i did that test that i learned how the temp settings in the nand worked. i'm pretty sure i have some falcon dumps that would indicate they are unaffected. i'll update the fan speed thread in the forums to reflect this new info.

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        ok, apparently, they actually changed the xenon temps for the better. that would make a lot more sense. i was wondering why they hadn't done this when i first saw that they had different temps for different motherboard revisions.

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  9. avatar bosslarge says:

    I updated my xbox the day the update was released and i have had zero problems. Xenon Xbox Hitachi 78fk flashed LT+ 2.0 plays every back up i throw in it. Played SSX, MW3, & SFXT for hours with no change in fan speeds and zero issues of overheating.

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  10. avatar X factor says:

    LT 3.0 (Lite On)
    LT Burner Max 124biHAS
    Game verified in ABGX 1.0.6

    Mass Effect 3 doesn't recognized (deny authoring), can't play or install.
    Same with NBA 2k12

    Other games works well

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