Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar glowbox says:

    hello people,
    I wonder what would happen if the team xecuter team got offered jobs at MS we would be done for!!!
    Massive repect to C4 and the team for spending 9year dedcated to deprogramming re-engering all that code i wouldn't like to imaging how many sleepless night / hours that would come too…
    For all we know he may well work for them (MS) i bet that never entered anyone thought could be a side job in his spare time, ever wonder how he get's the codeing in the first place…
    Keep up the good work and stop bantering on about firmware up dates let the pro's do there JOBS!!! PEACE OUT

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  2. avatar Captain Spandex says:

    This update downloaded, rebooted Xbox fat and installed, immediately followed by another update download and reboot and install….
    Why the need for two seperate installs; what is each doing? Maybe one writing the dashboard update, second flashing the drive? Who knows.
    I know C4EVA and the team have lives outside of the world of Xbox but SO many people are waiting for the analysis of this newer firmware update it is that waiting and not knowing that tempts the lesser willed into making rash decisions and risking bans.
    Are there not others who have the know-how to take a brief overlook at the update and can be trusted to at least give some immediate facts regarding what updates are potentially doing while we await official deeper analysis?
    It drives everyone mad looking thru thousands of posts quoting rubbish junk entries into wikipedia about what may or may not be the content of each update.

    C4EVA can't be the only guy with the ability to look thru an update lol, altho he definately has earnt a very special trust from everyone ;-)

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  3. avatar Captain Spandex says:

    I believe i can see four firmware update flash files in this new update, but i may be wrong…
    Some people are claiming that it didn't flash their LT+ firmware but looking at the update i wouldn't be so sure as to make a bold statement like that. I bet some drive types ARE being flashed.
    Oh please, someone who knows how to analyse this better and break it down come and take a look!!!

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  4. avatar andre says:

    thnx for message and research.
    id give you guys a kiss if you had tities.

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  5. avatar nb says:

    i updated my sammy.

    flashed to stock, updated on live, flashed back. works fine'

    all games. 100% burn and truncated work.

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  6. avatar RockON says:

    Ooops.. New Dash update. 4-5 more days to wait. and then open again the box. and then flash again. and then update again if its ok. And then flash it back to LT +3.0 if its ok.
    Oh Well, will stay offline play some campaigns that I didn't. No worries..

    :D :) :D :p

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  7. avatar Pain says:

    3 Liteon 1 Sammy, updated while flashed and they still play all backup games.

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  8. avatar Albert says:

    Can somebody explain me the differences (if any) between flash to stock, update via live, an flash back instead of updating directly without flashing?

    Thanks guys

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    • avatar Dave says:

      When you update with your Xbox flashed over Internet, your firmware *might* be sent to M$ and you *could* be flagged/more likely banned.

      As far as I know, this is just a rumor, someone else could confirm it.

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    • avatar Mike200 says:

      Yep, its just a rumor like everything else. Nobody knows anything for sure. If you want to be ULTRA safe then go ahead and revert to stock before reflashing.

      All I can say is that I have never reverted to stock in the last 2-3 years and never had an issue.

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        it's not a RUMOR, it's just a basic fact that is IS POSSIBLE. no one said it was actually happening, but it COULD. think about it… anything jungleflasher can do MS can do. honestly though, they could theoretically do this anytime you were using the console, not just during an systems updates. think "silent update"…

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        • avatar :D says:

          That makes no sense. A rumour is something that is made up and not true that is being spread. Wether it's possible or not doesn't make it a rumour.

          I don't think that Microsoft would be trying to get rid of older Xboxes. What's the purpose of it? To stop piracy or people playing legal backups? It can be done on the Slim. Do you think Microsoft are going to do it to the Slims aswell. I think they'd have a pretty big lawsuit on their hands if this was the case.

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          • avatar QuickMythril says:

            "Microsoft would be trying to get rid of older Xboxes. What's the purpose of it?" so you have to buy a new one… some people will buy new slims rather than cheap used ones so they don't have to worry about RROD anymore. i doubt a case could be brought against them for lowering the fan speed though. i'd love to see some voltage testing on various motherboards, pre and post 147xx dash. would be quite interesting if it was only xenons.

          • avatar Cript says:

            i agree the voltage testing is a good idea ! u never know what Microsoft may be up to .

  9. avatar Khi says:

    I have a benq elite xbox 360 I just updated right now I was Impatient I got trolled my friend told me he was hosting a 10th preside lobby so I updated cause he told me he would do mw2 and 3 for me today I rushed the update and I'm clean tested major titles 2 no ban here

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  10. avatar Information says:

    I updated I dont really care I have a xkey to so yeah but I will give you feedback on my results

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