Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.14719.0 Rolling Out

Hot on the heels of the Valentine's Day update just a little over a week ago, Microsoft is now rolling out yet another SystemUpdate, this time bringing the dash/kernel version to 2.0.14719.0. No indication yet as to what changes it brings, but as usual if you're using c4eva's fw, it's recommended that you wait to update until he's had a chance to generate and analyze a set of LIVE Logs with the new dash.

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  1. avatar Zos says:

    People are concerned that microsoft might read your drives firmware during the update process. So the idea is if you hacked firmware it might be readable during a firmware upgrade.

    Prior updates reflashed the burners with a new firmware to support the extra space on xgd3 discs. If they can flash it, it stand to reason they might read it.

    there's no conclusive evidence one way or the other as to whether or not the can read it, or if they can, if they do, and if they do, whether or not they'll ban them.

    know how hard it is (or that you need probes) to read the firmware on newer drives (to get the key), the reading has always been tougher then the writing on the firmware.

    The only time I reverted back was the the one where the new firmware update came out. I flashed back to make sure i didn't mess up the update process with the new firmware update coming in.

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  2. avatar smash says:

    sum1 should make a xbox firewall so u only send information that carnt get u banned , if they try to flag your console eh err sorry ms access denied :)

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      lol, fail! bans are SERVER side. this can NEVER BE DONE!

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      • avatar smash says:

        im talking about stopping infomation being sent to the servers , eg say you play a bad patched game , your console sends data thru live , you get marked for ban , im talking about something that could be updated reguly and stop harmful information about your console being sent , like adblock plus but in reverse :)

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        Maybe actually reading what the person posted 1st.

        Good idea, but I'm sure you would be getting connection errors then as M$ would not let you online if they could not get the information you are blocking. It is possible, but as said, probably will not work.

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  3. avatar Stevenx says:

    Already updated live…nothing has changed or blocked, backup + truncated games still works flawlessly, just a few hickups with the net when first online. though it's very suspicious that this internet hickups also happened to me when DAE.bin silent update attack and do the background download.

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  4. avatar Kronik says:

    Updated, and for the first time never reverted to stock. Was sick of waiting before and did not even care this time. All seems well, no noticeable changes, BF3 backup launched fine, and to be honest before when I would power on the 360 with a game inside it wouldn't recognize the disc. Recognized right away after the update. Benq phat LT+ 3.0 FYI….the silver bullet still prevails.

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  5. avatar Angrybandit xD says:

    i rung m$ and gave em a bulls**t story then asked em what they did in the new update n basically from what i gather from posts online n stuff its just a few more gamerscore and achievement upload features to their game cloud thing they got goin and a few more little bug fixes and when u transfer a profile to a usb then to another console you have to be online and log in to validate it (wtf?) basically a few new features and looks so far it may be that they are getting console info updates from when u go live maybe there getting f/w info i cant tell but it seems safe to be online so far but i wouldnt play burnt games while online yet till c4eva says its all good however it doesnt remove the flash as far as i can tell

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  6. avatar nb says:

    everything is fine with the update. stop freaking out.

    i updated after i flashed to stock and flashed back to 2.01 for sammy.


    I have a friend with a BENQ and LITEON and both of them are updated on 3.0 WITHOUT flashing to stock and ALL GAMES Work on those drives. 100% burns and old truncated.

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  7. avatar IRELAND says:

    Hi everyone, Im a newbie in here & ive started my xbox project last September when I bought my first xb for my son for christmas. I started from the beginning, got my lizard, opened the box & presto thanks to various people & sites got the box flashed. currently on v2 as i went mad burning games for the little lad of mine. This weekend im gona go & update to v3. Got my ihas & my dl disks ready to go. I want to just say Hi to you all & got to say that c4ev your the man!!! Your a clever so & so.

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  8. avatar Apex says:

    Updated this time with flashed drive still in my slim

    Update went smooth, still plays all games and backups.
    Possibly got flagged but at this point honestly if I'm gunna get flagged it happened awhile ago.

    For those who want to risk it, just update.

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  9. avatar titty says:

    just updated all good im on lite on 3.0

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  10. avatar DrwKrwVXT says:

    everything is fine with the update. stop freaking out.
    i updated after i flashed to stock and flashed back to 2.01for sammy.
    I have a friend with a BENQ and LITEON and both of them are updated on 3.0 WITHOUT flashing to stock and ALL GAMES Work on those drives. 100% burns and old truncated.

    And how do you know that this update did not compare a line of code against your drive firmware to confirm it's original stock firmware, and then mark your console serial number for the next Ban wave???
    There are many ways Microsoft can mark your console for ban without your "X" value changing. The "X" value only shows if the console itself has triggered any failed AP2.5 security checks from your use of backup discs prior to reporting that information back to the Microsoft server. People assume that because their "X" value remains unchanged and "Xval" reports "secdata clean" that they are ok.
    Microsoft could very well have your console serial number logged on the next banned consoles list.

    Just because you did not choose to play safe and flash your drive back to stock and the update left your particular drive types firmware alone certainly does not mean your safe! One of these days C4EVA will quote back that indeed an update is detecting non-stock drives through whatever method possible and then you'll regret being so quick to assume it's safe.
    Who do you trust? C4EVA, who's broke every update down to its raw data, analysed all communication between various model type consoels and microsoft servers, or Joey-Smart-arse who say's it's all good and safe because his backup game disc still plays! LMAO i know who's advice i'd rather take…

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