Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.15574.0 Rolling Out

SystemUpdate 2.0.15574.0In record time, Microsoft has begun rolling out yet another SystemUpdate only days after the last one. This new update brings the system to kernel version 2.0.15574.0. It should be noted that some who have received this update had not yet gotten the 15572 update. You know the drill!

(Thanks to TeaJunkie for the tip & photo.)


Users who had gotten 15572 are reporting that they're being prompted for 15574 as well. So it looks like if you hadn't yet gotten 15572, you'll be going straight from 14719 (or lower) to 15574 as of today. It's safe to assume that based on the tiny increment in version number, this update probably serves to address some minor issues introduced in last week's update.

Two Tweets from Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) noting that further (official) info about the update is forthcoming:

1:52 PM – 20 Jun 12 "Remember that system update that we rolled out to a few of you last week? We're rolling it out to everyone else today."

1:58 PM – 20 Jun 12 "I'll have a blog post up later today about the Xbox 360 system update you got (or will be getting) today."


Contrary to the rumors, the update is not reverting any drives to stock (unless you're updating from a much older kernel [< 13146 on BenQ, Samsung, and phat Lite-On, or < 13599 on Slim Lite-On 9504]).

We've also seen some reports of secdata/"X" value being reset and a new "P" value, but nothing confirmed.

Though not overly revealing, Major Nelson posted on his blog some further info about the 15574 update:

What's in it, you ask? Behind the scenes foundational improvement that will not be visually noticeable, but will help enable an easy update this Fall. There is an area that some of you may notice: We've added voice search for Australia and New Zealand.

If you own a Datel controller, read more here about issues after the system update.

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167 Responses to Xbox 360 Dash Update 2.0.15574.0 Rolling Out (Including 34 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Danny says:

    Wow,thats fast!!!

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  2. avatar tiagalho says:

    oh crap I updated thinking it was the last week update :( . everything seem fine anyway

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  3. avatar Annn says:

    is this one safe?

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  4. avatar MuscledRMH says:


    Please tell me you guys are right on it and want to check it as quick as possible?? I want to play online but im scared to update my console before any news. And please dont let it take so long as before where we need to wait 2 months!


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  5. avatar MonkeyMania says:

    Never got prompted for 15572 as most users in the UK, however just got the prompt for an update and I'm guessing it's this one!

    Hmm! Will wait until I get the word as to what is going on!

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  6. avatar totemwolf says:

    is possible, enter 15572 in danger of ban consoles or just been fixed 72 errors?

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  7. avatar isengard says:

    i can install it without problem ?

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  8. avatar YourSoulEater says:

    could anybody that updated to 15572 tell if they received this update as well?
    if yes then there's something different in this update, if not also be careful to not be caught off guard…if microsoft wants to ban people this could be a good chance =/

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      could anybody that updated to 15572 tell if they received this update as well?
      if yes then there's something different in this update, if not also be careful to not be caught off guard…if microsoft wants to ban people this could be a good chance=/

      Confirmed, I updated to the previous one and still got this update as well

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    • avatar Cornholio says:

      They did, but that doesn't mean anything, It's most likely just bug fixes.

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      • avatar YourSoulEater says:

        well yes it can be just bug fixes, that's most likely since turn 10 told microsoft that their acessories for forza didnt work properly as other third party acessories, so it may fix that but the weirdest of all is people saying that with this update the dash becomes slower.
        could microsoft just mess up again and has to fix something again releasing an update?

        we have to be very careful 'cause this constantly updates saying that is to fix bugs and blah blah blah could just be a trick so they could get people off guard and ban them

        also in TX forums people say that microsoft cant mess up with LT 3.0 anymore so they're just trying to stop RGH.


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  9. avatar Amit says:

    damn, i got the update today knowing it must be 15572, returned to stock and just updated, what do you guys recommend me to do now? reflash it to 3.0 or wait?

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  10. avatar MuscledRMH says:

    I love microsofts xbox, but i hate there updates against us! It's our console! We can do whatever we want!

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