Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now

After a "slight" delay, Microsoft has begun rolling out across all regions the final production version of its Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update — 2.0.14699.0 — remaining unchanged in number from the last Preview Program version released a few days ago.

As usual with SystemUpdates, you are recommended to hold-off on updating until c4eva and the team have had a chance to properly analyze it, generate and check a set of LIVE logs, and report back on whether there are any changes affecting c4eva's firmwares. The version being unchanged from the last beta should help expedite this process, however.

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110 Responses to Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now (Including 19 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Goat says:

    I updated no problem had lt2 with a phat liteon

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  2. avatar samsung drive rocks says:

    glad i have a samsung. – dont have to wait until 3.0.

    thx for all the hard work and effort by you and your team!

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  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    If I have already flashed to stock firmware can I take the update before it is decided whether the new update effects lt 2.0?

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  4. avatar derrickc30 says:

    waiting to finish my xgd3 games that will require burning once the silver bullett hits.

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  5. avatar Andres Tipan says:

    well, it's time to wait a month maybe??? to get the 3.0, i hope not

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  6. avatar Luis says:

    THKS C4eva,
    SAT Xenon Liteon with LT+1.92 FROM MEXICO, update and i play On LIVE without problems instantly,

    SAT Xenon VAD LT+2.0max (app2.5 returs error checked by program) update tomorrow … wait FOR BANNED…

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  7. avatar Jordan says:

    I have the same question. If I am at stock firmware can I take the update and be safe? Also Andres, its probably not the firmware that will take forever, but the new ABGX that we have to wait for to play our games.

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  8. avatar JCA90 says:

    Take as much time as you need, guys!

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  9. avatar GearDom says:

    I have hitachi 47 drive.If i flash to stock take the update and reflash to LT+2.0 am i ready to go online judging the fact that my drive doesnt support ap2.5 and there will be not any LT+3.0 FW?
    (Sorry for my bad english :( )

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  10. avatar lucas says:

    is there any way to run “backups” in a 360 Slim with the Corona motherboard and a DG-16D5S drive?

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