Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now

After a "slight" delay, Microsoft has begun rolling out across all regions the final production version of its Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update — 2.0.14699.0 — remaining unchanged in number from the last Preview Program version released a few days ago.

As usual with SystemUpdates, you are recommended to hold-off on updating until c4eva and the team have had a chance to properly analyze it, generate and check a set of LIVE logs, and report back on whether there are any changes affecting c4eva's firmwares. The version being unchanged from the last beta should help expedite this process, however.

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110 Responses to Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now (Including 19 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar iversenshotrods says:

    Is samsung getting 3.0 or no?

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    • avatar iversenshotrods says:

      and what about Hitachi 32-59? No 3.0 for those either?

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      • avatar GearDom says:

        No they dont.Admin confirmed that.It's a time loss to develop LT+3.0 for hitachi pre 78/79 cause the dont support ap2.5 and LT+3.0 development is based on the new MS ap2.5/dae.bin attack. To remind you all people LT+3.0 is not coming out cause of the dash update it was almost completed before the dash update but to be 100% c4e and the team are releasing it after the dash update in case that MS has changed something.
        I have a Hitachi 47 drive,i took the dashupdate (first flashed to stock—>updated—>reflashed to LT+2.0) and i am online without any issue.

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    • avatar sigh says:

      Here's a crazy idea, read the god dam front page?

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      • avatar livingindoubt says:

        Just because it doesn't say "IN PROGRESS" on the first page, doesn't mean it's not going to happen. Is it confirmed that they aren't doing lt 3.0 it for the samsung drives?

        I repeat, is it confirmed? I did not ask "What does the god damn front page say?"

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      • avatar iversenshotrods says:

        seriously sigh what the f**k, all I asked was if they werent getting it because the front page didnt have any info on a 3.0 and the hitachi area showed 32-59 seperate from the other Hitachi's so it was confusing. I understand what livingindoubt is saying and agree with him, all im asking is if the drive is confirmed to not get 3.0

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    • avatar anon says:

      why would it, there's no AP25/AP26 system support for that drive.

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  2. avatar iExtreme 1.51 says:

    I left this xbox flashy thing about a month ago… I got frustrated waiting this update. [update, silver bullet, update silver bullet] Do you guys wanna know what I did exactly? I bought PS3! I sold my X0 and yes, bought a PS3. Controller suck but other than that, PS3 rocks. And guess what! I can watch Bluray movies with best player available, can you!? ;)

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      can u play any good games or even play any good players

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      • avatar iExtreme 1.51 says:

        Battlefield 3 B2K is taking time so much now, that I don't know what to buy next.. Maybe GTA IV as soon as it is released.. CoD MW3 is for fools, so I won't buy that trash.. GT5 is cool game also. Hmm… Oh, you HALO! Now I get it, You are Halo fanboy.. Oh, sorry 'bout that.. I had X0 like 4 years, and I never bought that game. What a shame… Sorry..

        Good players..? You mean online…? What?! You pay for live gaming?! WTF!? Do you have like iCloud savegame possibility..? No? Whaat..? I pay 0$/year for that live gaming. And everything works like a charm. I can't see the difference between PS3 live or XBoxLive. Both worked fine, but now I don't have to pay fo play.

        But…. Can you watch Blu-Ray movies with your Xbox360 ;) ?

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        • avatar MightyMuffinman says:

          Dude just shove your PS3 up your ass and f**k off…

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        • avatar themashedavenger says:

          no we dont want to know, this is not the place, no-one here cares what hardware u prefer, yes we have that cloud crap, i just stream my blu ray rips, and im not going to go bankrupt over 50 bucks a year…
          incase you didnt notice this is a place for dicusions about firmware creation, for running BACK UPS…. remember them?
          peace out troll!

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          • avatar iExtreme 1.51 says:

            You guys are so easy to piss off! :) Relax.. That was my 2c. Hopefully you can pay BF3 with your box's. That game is worth of waiting ;)

        • avatar Tweaky says:

          Yes, i watch blu-ray movies on my xbox 360. Could't you. Its very easy, my kids all have xboxes to, they watch digital tv and everything else with media center :-)
          I have had a PS3, but it cant do what the xbox can, and thats for shure B-)

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  3. avatar KCO says:

    ABGX Attack Now !!

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  4. avatar MadDemon says:

    I hope TU Method for XGD3 still works…
    *fingers crossed*

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  5. avatar Andres Tipan says:

    in any case wait is the best choice for all the community.
    C43va it's crazy Genious!

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  6. avatar xboxnerd says:

    I agree jordan, the firmware will probably come out quicker than abgx because c4eva has been working on it for so long, it's already been in progress for about a month as it is. abgx also needs the final firmware before they can make their final program

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  7. avatar mcrook says:

    LoL just updated with the LT+2.0, seems safe, but don't use the backups, as its a trap at this point, the orginals seems fine, but as all updates, seemed to have brought the xbox service to its knees again lol

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  8. avatar NICE24 says:

    So you need to patch XGD3 games with the new version of ABGX when it comes out ?

    NON AP2.5 games are safe after the update ?

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  9. avatar Gustavo says:

    i will not try it , so dangerous

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  10. avatar BiG B()$$ says:

    To update or not?

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