Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now

After a "slight" delay, Microsoft has begun rolling out across all regions the final production version of its Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update — 2.0.14699.0 — remaining unchanged in number from the last Preview Program version released a few days ago.

As usual with SystemUpdates, you are recommended to hold-off on updating until c4eva and the team have had a chance to properly analyze it, generate and check a set of LIVE logs, and report back on whether there are any changes affecting c4eva's firmwares. The version being unchanged from the last beta should help expedite this process, however.

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110 Responses to Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now (Including 19 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar hoopsy says:

    Now the ppl that says not as good as says c4eva means what he says waiting 4 the next 3.5 disk hack .

    makes me wanna make sure he has a good famliy 4 this 2 go on hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  2. avatar redtrooperx says:

    I have a lite-on drive with lt+ 2.0 i have saints row original and fifa 12 backup can i just update the dashboard today and still play saints row and fifa 12 online?

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  3. avatar Berserk says:

    Update works fine for me – XGD3 games works the same way – with Title Update.
    By the way, did some one found title update for BattleField 3 and Rayman?

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  4. avatar hoopsy says:

    Na ya should allways open put back 2 stock safer + less problems 2 sort out 4 the killa

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  5. avatar hoopsy says:

    Party c4eva merry drunk christmass xxx

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  6. avatar Berserk says:

    After a few minuts of play xbox says that not able to check the disck and reboots… :( looks like update killed my XGD3 games

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    • avatar Tweaky says:

      Hi Berserk,
      What drive do you have?
      where you playing online?
      If not, where you logged in to live?

      I do did testing for myself, and with the hitachi drive it stil looks fine to me. Also Forza 4 works but have not played online yet.

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  7. avatar GearDom says:

    Judging the fact that the security and antiparacy system o MS is based on ap2.5/dae.bin methods i think that it will be not necessary an LT+3.0 for hitachi pre78/79 and samsung drives especialy hitachi cause LT+2.0 were released the last moth and it's fresh.So if the update changes something on your console probably it will be something about ap2.5 or dae.bin,things that the samsung and the hitachi non 78/79 drive even can't support and recognise and read on the disc.I think that's why c4e in front page has no progress for this drives.(yesterday at the begginig it was "in progress" for all but after some hours the removed the "In progress" tag from hitachi and samsung so i think its done for some reason.

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  8. avatar hoopsy says:

    lt3.0 changes lol

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  9. avatar hoopsy says:

    eyes open hitachi78-a dont have it

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  10. avatar hoopsy says:

    what a joke non ap play

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