Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update Final Version (2.0.14699.0) Out Now

After a "slight" delay, Microsoft has begun rolling out across all regions the final production version of its Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dash Update — 2.0.14699.0 — remaining unchanged in number from the last Preview Program version released a few days ago.

As usual with SystemUpdates, you are recommended to hold-off on updating until c4eva and the team have had a chance to properly analyze it, generate and check a set of LIVE logs, and report back on whether there are any changes affecting c4eva's firmwares. The version being unchanged from the last beta should help expedite this process, however.

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  1. avatar hoopsy says:

    but open first restore ok any fw on xboxes

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  2. avatar aaronx83 says:

    I already got the silent update so I'm waiting for 3.0, can I download the update or wait till c4eva speaks?

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  3. avatar Whocaresaboutps3 says:

    iExtreme 1.51:
    I left this xbox flashy thing about a month ago… I got frustrated waiting this update. [update, silver bullet, update silver bullet] Do you guys wanna know what I did exactly? I bought PS3! I sold my X0 and yes, bought a PS3. Controller suck but other than that, PS3 rocks. And guess what! I can watch Bluray movies with best player available, can you!?

    Yes because I have both. Dont use the PS3 as I have a 3d Bluray player. TV does media centre too.
    So what, you pay £50 for a game and leave the xbox guys to their £1 a time Verb. And stop whining about not being able to play your back up games and wasting discs because microsoft are updating their s**t to try to stop you playing them.

    Keep up the good work C4…

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  4. avatar george says:

    ok is this safe to play backups i updated it was a theme update they probably added some other stuff but i dont think its anything about flashed xbox's c4eva im just gunna go on my xgd2 non ap2.5 and if its safe i will tell you and i will be a tester for u but i better not break my xbox

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  5. avatar Alejandro says:

    Is recommendable to install lt 2.0 in my 360 now? It's new and i really want to play some games. I'm asking about that because if 3.0 is getting out late, i'm gonna get mad. I'm Venezuelan.

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  6. avatar Devil Lord says:

    lol……firends of mine already hav updated their Xs and they didn't hav any issues with the update

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  7. avatar Reuben says:

    I have updated my xbox 360 to 14699 Dash and now XGD3 games does not boot. Gives "Unsupported Disc Error"

    Check the Youtube Video i posted.

    However tried TU Method and Certain Games like AC is working but MW3 gives Unreadable Disc error.

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    • avatar Tweaky says:

      I made mine stock first, update, than LT 2.0 (hitachi 47),
      first game (forza 4) says "unsuported disc". Then put older game in, and it worked. Then back to Forza 4, and it worked. Tested al lot of new games, no issues. Didn't play live yet.

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  8. avatar authentik says:

    after I updated all the games that didnt play now plays with no problem, and actually loads quicker than before.

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  9. avatar idrees yunis says:

    is the same for the hitachi 46 drive? also did u take the update while signed into xbox live or via usb


    No they dont.Admin confirmed that.It’s a time loss to develop LT+3.0 for hitachi pre 78/79 cause the dont support ap2.5 and LT+3.0 development is based on the new MS ap2.5/dae.bin attack. To remind you all people LT+3.0 is not coming out cause of the dash update it was almost completed before the dash update but to be 100% c4e and the team are releasing it after the dash update in case that MS has changed something.
    I have a Hitachi 47 drive,i took the dashupdate (first flashed to stock—>updated—>reflashed to LT+2.0) and i am online without any issue.

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  10. avatar Bram says:

    hello guys,
    i have got a phat xbox 360 with a samsung ms28("a" i believe) drive so i don't have to wait untill the 3.0 fw version

    but i ain't sure of the fact if i can play my burned games like fifa 12 and cod mw 3, i burned them with my regular disc burner, and i'm (ofcourse) not yet able to check my iso's with the new version of abx360

    so is it save for me to play my mw3 burned game on the internet?

    thanks for your time and i'm looking forward to your respons.

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