Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update 2.0.16202.0 Rolling Out

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new SystemUpdate that brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16202.0.

Backups continue to work fine on LT+ v3.0, LTU v1.0, and xk3y offline and on LIVE. [Admin note: LT v2.01 and LT+ v2.0/v2.0b are fine as well!]

Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) posted this about the update:

"In this update, we are correcting some issues such as displaying the incorrect playlist name when launching a playlist from Xbox SmartGlass to the console, an error with Xbox Video closed-captioning and an error with Xbox Music that some were experiencing."

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  1. avatar Saad says:

    Guys i have drive with lt3 and i don't have xk3y does this update woks fine on the current status or i have to flash to stock then update after that flash back to lt3 which cost me 30 dollar please help

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  2. avatar shinji says:

    Updated to 16202 this morning. All seems ok with my xk3y install. The only odd part was that it didn't sign into xbox live automatically after update. Might of just been a fluke though. It signed in ok when I did it manually. (no ban. :) )

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  3. avatar Growdii says:

    At Brasil The sistem update hit us at 13:29 pm Tuesday 27th November 2012

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  4. avatar No0b3rT says:

    Just updated on LT+ 3.0 without reverting to stock.

    All XGD3 Games are working fine.

    I also am using my xK3y perfectly fine.

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    • avatar ray says:

      Just updated on LT+ 3.0 without reverting to stock.

      All XGD3 Games are working fine.

      I also am using my xK3y perfectly fine.

      all that means is that your disc's are failing any new security checks MS MAY have installed

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  5. avatar Claytronics says:

    Works for me without reverting to stock. Just turned on my 360 this morning hit update and just played a round of Halo 4 Online.

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  6. avatar ANG3LK1LL3R127 says:

    Thank god I broke down and bought a team-xecuter x-drive! Never again will I have to open my console for another god Damn update! Update went smoothly here @ about 9am EST.

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  7. avatar CombatTOAD says:

    Seeing's as i have never gotten a console banned before, can anyone confirm what the score is with them nowadays?
    With a console ban i'd obviously assume the console serial number and console id are then barred from Live servers but can you go and recover the main GamerTag account involved with that system on a replacement console?
    Or will the GamerTag associated with that console be barred aswell?
    Do the harddrives etc still corrupt?

    Would love to hear what the exact result is from a console ban from someone who has had this happen recently… always best to know all of the risks lmao!

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    • avatar Thaddeus says:

      Been a long time since I've had a console ban, maybe '08. When I did get banned, it only banned my console, not my gamertag. I'm still using the same gamertag to this day. Don't know if this is still the case or not today, I don't know anyone personally who has been banned recently

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  8. avatar DukeOfBrockley says:

    I just updated without flashing. Had to play FIFA ultimate team. I'll just get a new one if I get banned: oh well. On lt3, using 100% burns if it helps…

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  9. avatar ProxStylez says:

    Safe to update??? C4eva please hurry!

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  10. avatar nima says:

    LT3 + you can do the update and now I get to live?

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