Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update 2.0.16202.0 Rolling Out

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new SystemUpdate that brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16202.0.

Backups continue to work fine on LT+ v3.0, LTU v1.0, and xk3y offline and on LIVE. [Admin note: LT v2.01 and LT+ v2.0/v2.0b are fine as well!]

Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) posted this about the update:

"In this update, we are correcting some issues such as displaying the incorrect playlist name when launching a playlist from Xbox SmartGlass to the console, an error with Xbox Video closed-captioning and an error with Xbox Music that some were experiencing."

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hey Ash the point here is ONLY C4eva can see and say with a perfect sure if its safe or not .. the rest like you can say whatever you want but nobody cares …

    now shut up and leave the topic if u dont know nothing about it ….

    Xbox97 im with you m8t best wishes

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Oh great and merciful C4eva I humbly come to the foot of your holy mountain to ask you, show your followers a sign in the cyber heavens letting us know if we are in danger. Protects us from any dangers as you always have, please hear and answer my plea.

      Humble one of your followers…

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  2. avatar Jim The Baw says:

    To all of you who cant wait for c4eva to do a livelog, just update as you obviously dont care enough to wait. "But OMGZ I cant play Halo 4 online for a while!!! is this ok to update???". Yeah its fine. No,seriously it is. Update, then take whatever medicine is coming to you.

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  3. avatar ashil123 says:

    i just updated without reverting to stock….and everything works fine…
    xgd3 and xgd2,,,!!
    happy gaming

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    ok I think its pretty clear that you CAN update and play. But what isnt clear is whether you are being detected and flagged. SO WAIT FOR THE LIVELOG!!

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  5. avatar Condor says:

    It's a chance we all take with using backups… I think we should be happy backups work…

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  6. avatar XboxNube says:

    Funny conspiracy theory…just saw that Xbox is doing a free Gold weekend. What if they issued a seemingly minor update, then lured people online with a free weekend and had somehow exposed a vulnerability and started hitting people with flags and/or bans on custom firmware modified consoles. I'm sure that's not the case, but just a funny conspiracy theory I cooked up. :)

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      That shouldn't matter you can also get banned having a silver account and signed into Xbox Live. And lets be honest offline player couldn't give a damn about free-xboxlive-gold-weekend. And also, if you are an online gamer you would have Xboxlive gold.So I don't think M$ would use such a cheesy way of getting people banned.

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        I won't be so sure, sometime the simplest way can be the most effective way. For all we know this could be M$ last attempt to ban custom firmware modified consoles, before the launch of there new console. Its up to online players to have some self control until the all clear siren is sound by C4eva livelog

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  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    C4eva give us an early present and check the LIVE LOG so we can play our favorite games online with our friends !!


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  8. avatar CT says:

    I have two Xbox 360 phat consoles that were bought at the same time from the same store from the same store shipment delivery, both identical internal board type and drive type (Benq), serial numbers end …xxx4183005 and …xxx4783005 so literally just a few units apart from each other.
    I have one modded with LT+3.0 and the other remains untouched from new. My guinnea pig pair you could say lol.

    One at a time consecutively we updated these while using a diy cat5 ethernet patch cable (hooked up to pc) for monitoring of traffic between router and console. All data packets were collected and stored to hdd.
    The consoles were updated from same dash revisions to the newest, one immediately after the other, with LT+3.0 left on the modified console (did NOT revert this to stock during the update procedure).

    Now we have both collections of monitored data packets and have tried to compare them side by side but to be honest i can't enterperate these data packets fully, but both sets seem close to being symetrical with one another. Not perfectly, but close enough to consider taking a stab in the dark by saying that i don't THINK there was any noticeable additional activity between the console and the microsoft server during the update procedure on the LT+3.0 Benq console.
    It doesn't mean a lot, especially as not many of you know me and DK or to what degree of knowledge DK and I may or may not have, but i would kind of expect to see a drastic amount of additional activity between server and console should somehow LT+3.0 be detected or the drive interegated durther during the update process, and if that is the case then we don't seem to see such a scenario happening here.Then again, it may just be a slightly different value detected and returned and thus be easily unnoticeable with an attempt at monitoring such as this.
    It's not a 'live-log' done, nor is there any definate information discovered here at all, but perhaps this data may be of use to someone else to educate theirselves and try to interpret more than we can at present.
    Would love to know the exact method and procedure Commodore uses for doing these 'live-logs'. Perhaps if others were able to do it it could relieve some of the workload from a very busy man indeed lol. Not that everyone would be interested in trusting the word of anyone other than the chap himself ;-)
    Perhaps Admin can clarify exactly what is involved in Commodores method of undertaking a 'live-log'…?

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    • avatar Mr. Sir says:

      great data, thanks. ur right tho its hard to say if the data would be drastically different, or would just one bit be changed in a piece of data, telling M$ that a consoles drive FW is modified. i agree that the live log method would be GREAT for all of us to know so we can do it ourselves and report our findings, altho if i were c4e and came up with a method to run a live log, would i tell ppl how to do it? naaa id love being the only one knowing it lol. but again thanks for the write-up.

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    • avatar m4t5t3r says:

      CT I agree with what your saying. This could help C4eva and the team work on their current project more effectively and efficiently without the hiccups of having to check these live logs.

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  9. avatar Mr. Sir says:

    alot of people seem confused on what SAFE means here. just because u can update and still play backups simply means that the update hasnt messed with the drive firmware. it does NOT mean M$ hasnt seen the modified firmware and flagged u. the only way to make sure is to wait for c4e's log. if u really need to get on live then just flash back to stock and play OEMs till we hear from c4e. everyone SHOULD be flashed back to stock anyway before updating so whats the difference? u dont have any OEMs then go rent a game or something i dunno. if u are someone who doesnt flash ur own console, and has to send it away to ur flasher and u dont wana mess around with all that, then where do u come off telling c4e to hurry up, or come on here bitching that its taking too long.

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  10. avatar Slimer says:

    There are so many noobs here, let them do the update without flashing to stock first. A lot of these kids don't have the ability to flash and will cost them money, so let them be, it will only cost them more in the future. We already gave so many reasons why they should not do the update. If you can't listen u need to feel.

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