Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update 2.0.16203.0 Rolling Out *UPDATED*

This morning, Microsoft has begun rolling out a new SystemUpdate that brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16203.0.

Although there has been no official word from Microsoft yet, it's likely this update addresses a minor issue or small change as evidenced by the single digit increment in version number over the last update.

After updating, LT+ v3.0 and LTU v1.0 continue to work fine with backups both offline and on Xbox LIVE. Xk3y also continues to function without issue on LIVE and offline.

Check back here on for official word from c4eva once he's done a LIVE log for this update.

P.S. Quit being such gullible fools and regurgitating the nonsense from Wikipedia every time an update comes out.

*UPDATE* [2013-02-20 06:29PM UTC]
Whoops. I missed the tweet yesterday from Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), confirming our assumption that it was a minor change:

"Xbox LIVE System update out today. No big changes just an update to default settings that will only be visible to certain users in the EU."

Also, for those asking in the comments, yes, LT v2.01 and LT+ v2.0 continue to work fine after the update as well.

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  1. avatar ibrahim says:

    Do you have to flash back to stock first if you have the ltu PCB.

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  2. avatar Ibanezzer says:

    Holy hell people! Can you read C4eva's only comment on the matter? It says "It's being investigated." This means he isn't 100% sure. If you want to update, flash back to stock, update, then play offline. If you want to risk it, update online and keep at it. The update is available on Microsoft's website. Put it on a flash drive and update offline. One of the remaining mysteries is whether or not Microsoft can read your drive firmware during an update. If you update offline, this shouldn't be a problem. If this homepage doesn't say it's safe, then don't update. Damn, asking the same question 500 times doesn't make it happen any faster! STFU!

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    • avatar usdinmypocket says:

      I beg to differ… In c4eva circle there must be some one who will detect if the update is so bad or has problems… Now consider this for a sec, your software exploits are based on your LT3.0 creation, now if some thing changes that effects your other, work won't you put it as first priority since it is the foundation to all your other work.

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  3. avatar Thaddeus says:

    Updated 2 phat Liteons, and 1 phat BenQ. Running latest cfw. All backups still working on and offline. I'm not saying it's safe just that backups continue to work. I wasn't too scared of a 1 kernel update, willing and aware of the risk before the all clear from c4. Thanks to you and your team!

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    Sarcastixxx I am running a phat liteon. I have been been banned 1 time way back when borderlands 1 came out because I didn't know about or abgx wasn't out. Either way like I said been playing games early offline for years. Set your date to the release date and play offline if you want to play gears of war

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  5. avatar hashem says:

    I just updated my console LT3.00 right now and the xdg3 backups is working fine fifa13,black ops 2, hitman absolution,pes13, naruto ultimate ninja storm generation i didn't play online because i don't have gold membership so any one how want to update yes update no problem and peace

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  6. avatar Destructor says:

    Hello, i was playing BO2 online normally since the release, but two days before the last dash update, appeared the error message of "disc not recognized" and "mixed media disc", and now all my games aren't working, someone know what's happening? Thanks.

    Sorry about my English, i used google translator to help, i hope you understand.

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  7. avatar AW says:

    Seems like a lot of stuff to update compared to what Major Nelson has said and hearing about how long it takes to update etc it seems a bit weird to me.
    [admin removed pointless links]

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    • avatar admin says:

      Every SystemUpdate package contains all the files that constitute the complete system software, in addition to the update package itself, regardless of whether the files have been updated or not. The update could affect a single file, but the update package will still contain the full set.

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  8. avatar Anonymous says:

    updated my xbox slim … not seem to have been banned, however I can not access the live … only on the site

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  9. avatar Jose Lopez says:

    not any answer or not even live log yet? damn :( we need it,im in vacations and wanna play crysis 3 online -.-!

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  10. avatar usdinmypocket says:

    You know what I said fuuck it and just did the fuucking update… Why should I live in fear….Like that scene from the MATRIX if it's my turn to get ban; it's my turn to get ban

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